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Layoff: A New Perspective

When a Layoff happens to you, no matter what the reason given for it, it’s natural to question everything and to feel a barrage of negative emotions.   

Questions surface like,  “Why did this happen to me?”,  “What did I do wrong?”,  “Who am I without my job, title and paycheck?”, “What if I don’t find a comparable job?”. 

The stress of the situation and all these questions make you feel incapable, unworthy, unnecessary, insecure, confused or perhaps even hopeless.  

I know because I’ve been there and I hear these things from my clients who have been there.  

It is necessary and human to think all the negative thoughts and feel all the negative feelings.  So give yourself space and grace to go through that process.  Don’t resist these feelings because what you resist will persist. 

That said, at some point you need to let go of the line of questioning and self-deprecation.  It doesn’t serve you and will not inspire you to move forward. 

Your perspective shift begins with this question:  What if this layoff didn’t happen TO me, what if it happened FOR me?   

Be honest with yourself, were there things about your company, its culture, your manager or job itself that didn’t align with your values or you just didn’t like?  Were you lacking work+life balance?   Did you ever dream about doing something different, something more fulfilling, like becoming an entrepreneur or tackling more purpose-driven work? 

My layoff inspired many questions and possibilities.  It led me to get coached and then to pursue an entirely new career as an Empowerment Coach.  And I couldn’t be happier with my decision! 

The perspective shift starts with curiosity.  What are your core values and unique strengths? Why do others seek advice from you?  What are you passionate about?  What are you doing when you lose track of time because you’re so immersed? What did you dream about doing as a child?  What is your purpose? 

Look at this time off as a gift.  An opportunity to explore all the possibilities that exist for you and to go after the one that most excites and energizes you!   

You are not defined by a job, a title or a paycheck.  Your identity is so much bigger and better than any of that.  You did nothing wrong.  You have talents no one else has. You are in control of how you work through your current situation.   You are in control of your “what’s next”.  You are destined for greatness and fulfillment in your future. 

You’ve tried and still feel stuck? Contract me for a complimentary discovery call.  Tell me your story and I’ll provide a personalized plan through which you will gain clarity, confidence and an action plan to move toward your ideal vision of career + life. Book here:

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