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Questioning Your "What's Next"?

Are you contemplating a change,

but are unsure of what or how? 

Were you laid off or 

so miserable you quit? 


Do you feel burnt out, anxious or restless?


I help you gain clarity and

build confidence to move 

toward a more inspired life!

I invite you to schedule a confidential,

no-judgement, no-strings-attached

discovery call.   

You'll get a professional coach, great listener and ideas on how to move forward! 

Let's talk!  Book below. 


Coaching has changed my clients’ lives!

"I had the pleasure of working with Laura while I was in a career transition and searching for "what's next." When I first came to Laura I was at a point in my life when I knew I wanted something different but I wasn't quite sure what that meant.Through my work with her I was able to gain clarity on my goals and priorities and have confidence to make a career pivot. She helped hold me accountable and stay true to my non-negotiables during the search process. She has an incredible gift to listen and help bring to the forefront what truly matters to you. The tools and techniques she has given me to help calm the inner chaos and operate from an abundance mindset has served me both personally and professionally. "


"I wanted support and guidance after a layoff, and that’s exactly what I received. I appreciated that Laura’s coaching was never directive. It was always respectful challenges or a reapproach or further delving into what I said or meant to better understand for myself."

"My confidence and understanding of myself is much more. I am more comfortable just being me. Not needing something else (job) to determine my worth. I have also given myself the time to focus on myself and my spirituality. Through the coaching sessions I have felt supported that this is the correct path for me." 

I will help you move past feeling...

restless & unsettled to

at peace & purposeful. 


burnt out & unmotivated

to balanced &



stuck & paralyzed to free & in flow. 


unsure & unfocused to confident & focused on your path forward. 

If you've been laid off, it can feel devastating: 

  • You didn’t see it coming and were blindsided.

  • You were dedicated and feel betrayed.

  • You feel a loss of identity & you’re questioning your value and worth.

  • You feel stuck and keep cycling the same thoughts about what happened.

  • You feel irresponsible not contributing but also are unmotivated to get going.  

  • You’re worried about how you’ll make ends meet while you figure things out.


  • You feel unsettled as to what to do next.

  • You sound like a broken record and don't want to burden your family and friends. 

After my layoff, I was on this emotional roller coaster. I felt alone and unsure how to move forward. 


The best decision I made was to work with a coach.  She gave me the space & grace I needed to sort through the confusion until I was clear on my path forward.  She was in lockstep with me on my journey to the life I was meant to live. 


At a crossroads & want a change? 

Clarity about your future is closer than you think.

This is a pivotal time.  You have a choice:


1.  Swirl and stay where you are. 

2. Use this time productively for self-discovery, deciding how you really want to live & work, and then go after it! 


You deserve to have an experienced and non-judgemental partner to guide you away from the doubt and into living a more meaningful and balanced life!  


Life is short, live the life you LOVE!


If not now.....when? 


Take this step for you today and schedule a complimentary discovery call with me here: 

Hi, I'm Laura McGill

Your What's Next Coach

So you’re thinking, “I’m not sure coaching is for me. 

What is it anyway?” 


Coaching will bridge you from where you are to where you want to be. 


Coaching will Expand Your Possibilities! (hence the name of my company!)


You will be heard and acknowledged.   You will get to know yourself better than you ever have.  You will define your "why",  your core values and how you are uniquely you! You will cast your vision of the life+work you really want.  Then you will make a plan to go after it.  You will learn how to turn down the volume of your inner-critic and turn up the volume of the true, powerful, one-of-a-kind you!   You will learn to set boundaries and follow through so you can stay true to your values and priorities.  


As your coach, I will be with you on every step of the way, helping you see blind spots and conquer obstacles as you go.  You will learn skills that will help you navigate your work, life and relationships for the rest of your life - so you can live your best life!


It boils down to taking 3 simple steps to move toward the work+life you've always thought about but didn't think was possible. 

Book a free discovery session.  No judgement.  No pressure.


Work with me to define your purpose and make a plan to live it!


Live a life in which you are energized and happy!


You  want support and don't want to burden friends & family.  


Give yourself the gift of having the help you desire to figure this out.


You won’t believe the difference 1:1 coaching will make in all aspects of your life. 


Because of coaching, I live a life I love that is true to my values and purpose. 


Define Your Purpose

with my FREE workshop

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