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Hi, I'm Laura McGill


I am a professional coach who aspires to help you discover and go after your “what’s next”. 


I am blessed to be a wife to my husband Tim, mom to our children Ana and George, sister to Lisa, Kathy and guardian to my special brother Pete, and to have many loving, supportive  friends.


I value first and foremost my faith,  family, friends and my purpose coaching individuals to their next chapter in life!!  I appreciate tough workouts, walks with my big Bernese Mountain dog, escaping Minnesota winters to a warm sunny beach, hot summer days on the lake, and 85% dark chocolate.

"I’ve been exactly where you are. I know the angst that comes from feeling stuck and not knowing what’s next. 


But guess what?  I am living proof it is possible to overcome the angst and get clear on your purpose and passion.    This does not need to be a painful process.   In fact, it will be one of the best and most transformative experiences of your life!"

What led me to coaching?

After decades in management in the corporate world, I began to feel a yearning for something different, which affected my health and relationships.  However, I was afraid to let go of all the knowns: the paycheck, bonuses, company car, title etc.  Who would I be without those things? I felt stuck and prayed for a solution.

The answer came the day I was laid off. At the same time, my dear father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my kids were at the height of their struggle with attention deficit and my special needs brother's mental health was at an all-time low.  I was completely maxed out.  

How could a lay off be the answer?

Turns out this unforeseen event that I thought were happening to me, actually happened for me. 


It was a gift to have the time off to take care of my family at a time they needed me most.  I was able to be with my dad at every doctor appointment and when he took his very last breath.  I had the bandwidth to advocate for my kids and brother at their time of need.   And, I made one of the best decisions of my life... to hire a life coach to make peace with everything happening at the time and to help me figure out my what’s next!

What I learned from coaching anchored me and my relationships.  It stretched me, gave me peace and new, healthier perspectives.  I learned the stuckness I was feeling was an illusion and that there were multiple possibilities for me. I learned that fulfillment doesn’t come from outside us, it comes from within. I learned that stress subsides when we live in alignment with our internal values.  I learned to "just be" vs always doing, and that we're worthy just because we exist, not because of title or paycheck.  I learned more acceptance and compassion for myself and others, thus strengthening my relationships.  I learned success is when life just flows and we feel like we are making a difference in the world.  

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"With the help of a coach, I am now living with clarity and purpose, doing what I love!  I regained health in mind, body and spirit. Instead of being overwhelmed with fear, self-criticism and anxiety, I am now inspired with confidence, compassion, inner-peace and endless possibilities."

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I was so inspired by my new outlook on life, I made another one of my best decisions in life... to become a life coach!  I strongly desire to return to the world what I received by helping others who are questioning their what’s next, yearn for flow, well-being, a little or a lot more in life. 


Let’s discuss how I can help you figure out and move toward your what’s next in your free consult. The conversation as with all conversations are non-judgemental and confidential.  Importantly, there is no pressure to sign, just insights and suggestions on how coaching would help.    


  • Chopra Certifications

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