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😔 Dread your job? Take an internal selfie.

I hear from many professionals that they:

- Dread going into work everyday

- Don't care about what they do

- Are bored, uninspired, burned out

- Try to avoid job conversations with friends

How hard it must be to muster the energy to go to work and do a job you dread everyday and to fear friend-time because you don't want to talk about this job you deplore. 

Can you relate? 

Please remember this: 

You are not powerless. You have choices. 

1. You can stay and continue to be unhappy. This unhappiness spills over into your personal life and impacts your relationships and your health. This could go on for many more years if you don't commit to doing the internal exploration of mind, heart and spirit and then making a change. 


2. You can choose to do the self exploration to find work which ignites your passion, has meaning and connection to you, is in integrity with your values, and you are proud and excited to discuss with your friends!  It's like taking a selfie of your mind, heart and spirit and then acting on what you see & learn!  

In this scenario, the positive changes you created make days fly by because you're not looking at the clock. You are simply doing what you were always meant to do! Life is in flow, you are happy and fulfilled, and it benefits your health and your relationships!  

If you choose #1, ask yourself this: What thought is getting in the way of you creating meaningful change in your life? What alternative thought would serve you, your future and those around you better?  

If you choose #2, good for you!! Perhaps you already have tools or a plan to make profound changes in your life. Go for it!! 

If you're lacking those tools, plan and accountability, I propose we have a conversation. No preparation needed.  I'll ask the questions, you answer. No cost for this, it's all exploratory. Schedule here:

Meantime, if you want to get a jumpstart on your internal selfie, follow along my free purpose workshop. You'll discern your why, uniqueness and legacy you were meant to leave in the world. Access the workshop on the top of my website pages.

You are so much more powerful than you know. You are incredibly capable of making the best choice for you. Your life and work are precious and short. Do what you love. Take a step towards a more fulfilling future, today!

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