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The Impact of Accountability Partners.

It was time to put my money where my mouth is and try something new. 


It's a trendy thing people do for their health nowadays, but I was absolutely dreading it.   I'm talking about the COLD part of hot + cold “therapy”.


If you know me you know I loathe the cold.  I sleep in flannel sheets under layers of heavy blankets, even in summer.   I dress like the Michelan Man in winter.   And I force myself into our lake maybe once a summer, only when it's scorching out.  


So it's no surprise, beginning this “therapeutic” process in a hot sauna felt luxurious. 


Then it came time to do the dreaded icy cold bath.  And not just for a quick dip. 


When I climbed in the tub of frigid water, I screamed very loudly and dramatically at my friend Sheri who invited me to do this.  “Why, why why?!?!” other expletives. 


I desperately wanted OUT immediately, shivering and crying for help.  But we apparently had a goal to achieve, and that was to stay in the tub … for 3 minutes each time. 


I was beyond uncomfortable. I thought I would die!!!  It was the longest 3 minutes of my life. 


But guess what?!


 I did this 3 minute icy bath, not 1 time, not 2 times, but 3 times for a TOTAL OF 9 MINUTES that day.  


Had it not been for Sheri talking to me, coaching me and assuring me throughout the process, I would have jumped out immediately.  Only with her support I was able to persevere. 


What did I learn from this experience?


1. I still don't like to be cold, especially sitting in icy cold water.

2. I am braver than I thought I was.

3. With my friend holding me accountable, I was able to achieve something I otherwise would not have. 


Did you know your probability of achieving something is 65% greater with an accountability partner.  That probability increases to 95% when you meet with an accountability partner on a regular basis! 


Time to ask yourself, do you have an accountability partner to meet with regularly so you start AND follow-through on whatever it is you want but have yet to accomplish?    


My clients who meet with me regularly are reaching their aspirational goals and making positive changes in their lives faster and more easily than they could on their own.   


Here is an example: 


“I had the pleasure of working with Laura while I was in a career transition and searching for "what's next." When I first came to Laura I was at a point in my life when I knew I wanted something different but I wasn't quite sure what that meant.Through my work with her I was able to gain clarity on my goals and priorities and have confidence to make a career pivot. She helped hold me accountable and stay true to my non-negotiables during the search process. She has an incredible gift to listen and help bring to the forefront what truly matters to you. The tools and techniques she has given me to help calm the inner chaos and operate from an abundance mindset has served me both personally and professionally.”


This works!!!  So go get yourself an accountability partner and meet as regularly as you need to ensure your success! 


If you want a professionally trained accountability partner, I am here to help you achieve your goals, whether it be to jump in icy cold water, to overcome burnout and have more balance in your life or to discern and take action on your next career move. 


If this has you thinking about that something you've been putting off or making that change that's been nagging at you, I get the hesitation!  


Take this step for you, toward what you want, by scheduling a conversation with me here:


I want to hear about your situation and I'll suggest a customized approach to guide you from where you are to where you want to be in the least painful, most loving way possible.    No charge and no strings attached on that first conversation.   


Let's do this, together, the way you know you will get the results you want!! 


“In the pursuit of our dreams, accountability partners provide the encouragement needed to leap over hurdles and reach new heights.”


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