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Don't make this mistake when shopping for a new job or career!

You know what happens when you go shopping without a clear idea on what you want or why?  You bring home a bunch of things you don't need, you eventually return or just junk up your life.   Not having a plan wastes time, energy and $$! 


Don't make this mistake when it comes to a career change!   

The old saying: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” applies here. 


Haste can lead to repeating the same patterns, making rash decisions and ultimately wasting your precious time, energy, money and future.  

When I was considering leaving corporate, I took the time to explore who I was, what I really wanted and what the possibilities were.   My coach led me through self-discovery and pointed out blind spots I couldn't see on my own.  I learned what was most important to me which paved the way for the best possible decision for me and my family. 

Give yourself the gift of making the best possible decision by doing the following: 


1. Self-assess

Deeply understand your purpose, passions, values, strengths, vision and long term goals. This provides clarity on what truly matters to you in life & career.   Your personal and professional life are intertwined so consider both and know what you really want to determine the best solution for you. 


2. Explore & research

Get informed about potential industries, companies and roles.  Understand market trends, salary prospects, work-life balance and cultural fit.  Give yourself time to explore options and get informed so that your decision is in integrity with who you are and your aspirations.


3. Network & build skills.  

Talk with people in the prospective industries or jobs you're considering. Compare their stories to what you want and don't want for a reality check.   If you're starting to lean in a direction, begin to build the skills necessary to increase your confidence and marketability. 


Warning: We humans tend to jump at shiny objects that may not be aligned with who we truly are and the impact we were meant to have in the world.   


That's why working with a trained, non-judgemental partner who will walk you through the discovery process plus hold you accountable to your truth is highly recommended.  


To get you started on self-discovery, I created a 30 minute purpose workshop through which you will define your “why”, unique strengths and impact you are meant to leave in the world.   


Take advantage while it's available!   You can access it from the top of my website pages. Happy shopping! #careerchange #careerpivot #purpose #yourwhy #passion #whatsnext #careertransition #lifecoachingtips #exandyourpossibilities

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