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Be brave & try the new thing. You'll be glad you did.

Ever consider making a change and trying something new but stop yourself from fear of making a fool of yourself or failing?  


With this mindset, you would have never learned to walk, swim, or ride a bike!

Personally, I think life would get VERY boring sitting in the same place every day.  


A more productive mindset is, it may be hard initially, but imagine the possibilities as you learn and become better, stronger, faster.  


What if it was the best thing you ever tried!?  


I enjoyed my career in corporate.  It paid well and was safe because it's what I knew.  I could have rode the easy wave working in this capacity until retirement.  


But what would I have missed out on by not embracing the big scary wave of becoming a Solopreneur and Empowerment Coach?  Turns out MANY things!   


First and foremost, I would have forgone the opportunity to help clients dream and achieve those dreams, find their purpose, clarity, confidence, a healthier life, better relationships, and peace in their heart.  The pivot also afforded me learning how to build my own business while creating new connections and relationships.  Finally, the personal growth has been phenomenal! Turns out, I'm my own best coaching client! 


Yes, I had to risk the steady income and benefits that come from a corporate job.   Taking the leap was hard, and it's also been 100% worth it. 


Have you ever thought or dreamed about trying something different and out of your comfort zone?  Maybe you've considered going for a promotion, entering a new industry, pursuing your passion as a business or just having more work-life balance.   


No matter your “something new”, I invite you to ask yourself these 3 questions:


1.  What thought or limiting belief is stopping you from pursuing something new, and what could you think or believe instead that will inspire positive action? 

2. What could be  the upside to making the change or pursuing the dream? 

3. When you are 90 years old, what will you regret if you never went after it? 


Be brave enough to try the new thing.  You can soften the shift by continuing the old thing while you dabble in the new.   Or perhaps you're ready to jump in with both feet!!


"You never know what you can do till you try." 

-William Cobbett


Keep moving toward the vision of what you want.   

You'll be thankful you did!


If after answering the above 3 questions you are still apprehensive about trying the new thing, I will help you gain the confidence and accountability to go after it.   Take advantage of the few consults i have left this month by scheduling below. #bebrave #trysomethingnew #expandyourpossibilities #noregrets

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