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Do this before each work day. Your heart & soul will thank you!

Before I sat down to work today, I re-read the Mother's Day cards my kids made for me. 

My heart warmed and my eyes flooded all over again as I read:

“My mom, my hero:

-She would do anything to see me happy.

-She loves me “unconventually” (pretty sure he meant unconditionally!) & works very hard on her business.

-I felt most proud of you when you started your new business.” 

I even received coupons redeemable for:

-A free hug when I need it most

-A free time to empty the dishwasher (they know that's my biggest pet peeve!)

-A free time to “make my room” (pretty sure he meant “make my bed”!)

And the best was “If I could give you the WORLD, I would give you … More time with me!!"

I decided to start my life coaching business so that I could 1) be more balanced and do more meaningful work and 2) have more freedom and flexibility to attend to my core values, which begin with faith and family. 

The payoff couldn't be greater. My heart is full & my soul is happy. And I think it reflects in my kids' sentiments. I love that they are proud I started something new and go figure, they like spending time with me!! 

Take time to give gratitude for your why every day. Why?  

We can get so caught up in the daily chaos of work and life that we forget what really matters, and to be grateful for it. 

So ask yourself, what would make life meaningless if you didn't have it? 

For me, life would be meaningless without my faith, family and friends. I get on my knees every morning to thank God for these blessings. 

What morning practice will you begin to give gratitude for your why? 

Your heart & soul will thank you for it. 

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