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Feeling stuck or disengaged?  

The bad news is it can feel disheartening when you lack the drive you once had and have no idea on how to get it back.  It can feel discouraging when you think you are not in the driver seat of your own life. 

 The good news is… “there is ALWAYS a solution”.  There is a way to dissect what is really going on and then to discern a path forward to what you really want.  You just need to give it your attention and then set an intention. 

When I went through a period of feeling stuck,  my coach asked me to explore all the options.  In doing this simple exercise, I quickly shifted from feeling immobilized and unmotivated to inspired to take action.  The heavy weight I was carrying around with me unnecessarily was lifted. 


If you find yourself in a soul-sucking job, career or relationship, you need to make time to quiet your mind, give yourself space,  take a few deep breaths and write your answers to these questions to bring them to your awareness.  

1. Are you focused on what is in your control and letting go of what isn't? Why/why not?

2. Are you being the best you, the example of what's possible?  Why/why not?

3. Are you believing in and advocating for yourself?  Why/why not?

4. Are you playing up what energizes & giving this more attention? Why/why not? 


After journaling your answers, pick one area and set an intention.  Perhaps your intention is letting go of what you can't control and focusing on what you can control.  Or perhaps your intention is speaking up for what you want.  Or doing more of what energizes you.  Reference your intention before you start your day.  Check in at night for how you did. 


If you still feel stuck over time, it may be time to explore an entirely different solution.  


If you're ready to explore something brand new, once again give yourself time and space to journal responses to these questions: 


1. When you were a child, what did you dream about doing when you were older? 

2. What are you doing when you completely lose track of time?

3. What are you really passionate about?

4. What do you really want? 


I can honestly say once I pick a challenging topic and start writing, time flies and I feel a rush of energy as I put my thoughts on paper.  Pay attention to those feelings.  They have an important message for you.  


After you write about your dreams and aspirations, hone in on one idea, sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes picturing yourself in that role, being inspired everyday, living your why and finishing each day feeling fulfilled and purposeful.   How does that make you feel?   


Don't stop there.  Those invigorating feelings will propel you to take action.  Harness the feelings and write down one action step you will take over the next week.  Each week take another step, so that over time, you are moving closer and closer to what you really want. 


“There is always a solution” 


…is a mantra I use often with my coaching clients and at home, especially in a stressful situation when creativity crumbles and they feel like giving up. 


Don't give up!  You were made to make a unique contribution to the world!  


Approach your disengagement with curiosity.  It's happening for a reason.   Take the time to explore all your options and go after the one that ignites the most fire in you.   The fire is there, you just need to give it some attention, some air, a little fanning and it, ie YOU, will be blazing and shining your light in the world in no time.

Getting support is always a great option to help get you unstuck. This is what I do! I help you uncover what you really want and why, and then provide accountability to help you get there! Whether your sure or unsure if you want to work with me, a perfect next step is to talk it out on a complimentary discovery call with me over Zoom. No preparation needed or strings attached. Just show up and tell me your story. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I look forward to meeting you. Schedule here:

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