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Laid Off & Listless? This 1 question will change everything.

My layoff was communicated over the phone.  

To say it was a complete shock is an understatement. This had never happened to me after decades in the workforce. 

I held it together on the phone, but as soon as I hung up, burst into tears and crumpled to a heap on the floor.  I became a hot mess. 

My mind was flooded with thoughts like: 


How could this happen to me???

Why did I give so much of myself, just to have it end like this???

The tears subsided but I tortured myself with this continuous line of questioning. 

And the answers my brain gave me, DID NOT serve me, at all.   The answers went something like this:  

Q. Why?  A.  Maybe I just suck at that job. 

Q. How could this happen to me?  A.  If I had just done x, maybe I’d be spared.

Q. Why did I give so much? A.  I must be stupid to expect loyalty.    

The inner critic in me kept me in a state of negativity and swirl.  It kept me stuck.   It made me feel listless, lethargic and like a big fat loser. 

Then one simple question came along and changed everything.  It sparked my curiosity.  It shifted my mindset.  And it gave me energy.  

That one question is:  Why did this happen FOR me? 

Being a believer that everything happens for a reason and is for our greater good, this question really resonated with me.

When you really stop to answer this question, multiple possibilities should come up.

  • Was I meant to do something bigger and more purposeful?

  • Is this an opportunity to get started on what I always dreamed?

  • Is this needed time off to take care of my health or my loved ones? 

  • What do I really really want?

There are infinite possibilities for you, your life and career.  I truly believe that.   

You’re allowed to have a pity party for yourself for a few days, maybe even a couple weeks.  Beyond that, you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

Ask yourself why it happened FOR you, and you’ll come up with more optimistic answers that will propel you into action!!   If you’re so inclined, you can even write your former employer a thank you note. 😉

If you come up empty trying to answer how this happened for you and can't get unstuck, let's talk. I offer a complimentary discovery call. Book here:

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