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Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome! I am Laura McGill, a Mindset Coach who helps professional women navigate their personal and professional life with clarity, confidence and ease. I will be sharing insights, tips, tricks and challenges to help you on your journey.

I am a wife to Tim, mom to Ana and George and a big Bernese Mountain Dog, Roo. I am from the Northeast and moved to Minnesota 20 years ago to grow my sales career by working for companies like Johnson & Johnson and Revlon. My decades of corporate experience and 12 years of mom-ing led me to a career change to help other professional women in transition as a Mindset Coach!

Now, let's talk about YOU! Perhaps you want to get promoted, cut back to part time, change careers, start a family, retire or just get through the day! Maybe you just got laid off, feel like your identity left with your job and feel paralyzed to start the process of looking for your next thing. Perhaps you're feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed and know you need a change but have no idea what that change is! Life and transitions can be hard, and I'm here to be your guide, to ease your anxiety, help you find balance and a very purposeful, fulfilling life!

Roo made the picture because he was here on photo shoot day (in the kitchen, his favorite place!) & is basically my business partner!

My first blog is about my word of the year: CONNECTION.

👫 What is so important about connection?

When I worked in a corporate office, there were people I connected with daily. I took for granted that within a few steps I could get questions answered, gather new insights, be in the know and importantly, erupt into laughter at the crazy things that went on throughout the day. 

Now that I’m a solopreneur, I appreciate those relationships and fostering new connections so much more. 

Yes, it takes more effort to pick up the phone and schedule a meeting from my home office, especially during those times I am lacking energy and motivation. It’s easier to just stay to myself and in my own head. HOWEVER, I’ve learned it's ALWAYS worth the effort to reach out to an existing or new connection. With each point of contact, I gain and learn something. I get new inspiration, energy and ideas. It feeds my mind, heart and spirit. It expands my possibilities. 

Ever better, with each connection I have the opportunity to add value to the other person’s day! Perhaps I lend a non-judgmental ear, help solve a problem or bring humor at a stressful time. This could be just what the other person needed. Never underestimate the power you hold in every relationship or connection to make a positive difference!  

When I researched the benefits of building meaningful connections, I found there are many:  

Overcoming Adversity:

During challenging times, having a network of friends, family, and colleagues can offer emotional support, encouragement, and understanding.

Increased Mental & Emotional Well-Being:

Positive interactions with others can boost mood, reduce feelings of loneliness, and provide a sense of belonging. 

Personal Growth & Learning:

Interacting with different individuals exposes you to diverse perspectives, ideas, and experiences. This exposure fosters personal growth, broadens your horizons, and enhances your ability to adapt to new situations. 

Longevity & Health Benefits:

Research consistently shows that individuals with strong social connections tend to live longer, healthier lives with less stress & better overall health. 

Professional Development: 

Strong professional relationships can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations & mentorship. People prefer supporting those they know and trust.

Fulfillment & Happiness:

Sharing experiences, achievements, and challenges with others enhances the richness of life and provides a sense of purpose.

My word of the year is CONNECTION. I am doubling down on nurturing existing & developing new meaningful connections for the reasons explained above. 

Want a more balanced, fulfilling personal and professional life? Invest time and effort in building and maintaining connections. 

What will you do today, this week, this month and this year to foster connection?

“The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.” 

– Robin Sharma

I'd like to connect with you!! I am a superb listener and would love to hear all about you and what challenges you are having now. Just click the link below and schedule an hour on my calendar so we can talk. I can't wait to meet you!

Let's set up a time to talk!

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